Wifi is available at nearly all the hotels. We are also busy organizing wifi on board our coaches to provide an extra service to our clients.

The food in South Africa is of the best quality and can be eaten all over, even the salads. Salads are cleaned with clean water all over. It is very important that vegetarians and vegans as well as diabetic guests notify us so that the necessary arrangements can be made in advance.  Also ice blocks in drinks are safe as it is made from purified water.

All the guide books say that the tap water in South Africa is drinkable. That is outdated information and I would recommend that you drink only bottled water. Bottled  water are available on our coaches.

It is also advisable that you do take out travel/evacuation insurance incase of a medical emergency. The private medical services/hospitals are very good and we always make use of their facilities when needed.

The only areas where malaria is a problem in SA is in the Kruger Park area and Zululand. This only apply in our summer. In winter there are no mosquito’s. It is best to visit your medical practitioner before a tour and get the right medication before hand. Also it is advisable to bring along some kind of insect repellant like DEET. If  a mosquito do not bite you, you cannot get malaria.

Guests that have been to any other African country must have a yellow fewer certificate. The SA customs are very strict about this rule and will not allow you into SA without this certificate.